Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 312

Last Nights Caper
Again, can't remember, but I did sleep early as I was tired.

Day 312

Soleil was right near my house, so as usual I spoke to her, and she had a gift that she wanted delivered to Chops. I took the gift off her hands and went to track down Chops. I found him easily enough as I had only just started playing, and he was inside his house. I handed over Soleil's gift and he gave me a blue gym tee.

A better look at the inside of Chops' house, I don't think I've
shown it before

On my way to Chops' house, I actually met up with Boone on the bridge, who informed me he was leaving Skyfall on the 28th. I told him to go, but he changed him mind and decided to stay. I'm not overly annoyed by it though, he hasn't really been in Skyfall for that long, so it'll be nice to see his face around for a little while longer. 

From there, I headed over to the police station to see if there were any special visitors in town, but I noticed Hazel walking by, so I decided to speak to her first, and she requested me to catch her an ocean fish. After getting the request, I walked into the police station, and spoke to Booker, who told me that Gulliver had washed ashore, so I made my way down to the beach to find Gulliver, and an ocean fish for Hazel.

I made my way down to the beach to find Gulliver. I soon found the unconscious seagull, and woke him up after speaking to him way too many times... As usual, he told me his wild tale, and then wanted me to figure out where he was heading. I didn't have any idea what he was talking out, but I used logical thinking and a process of elimination to take a wild guess, and I got it right. My options were:

Once I had done that, I casted my rod into the ocean to pull out the nearest fish, which ended up being a horse mackrel. I then took that over to Hazel, who rewarded me with a citrus tee.

Unrelated News
Yeah, another boring day for me, nothing too interesting happened. I might go get something to eat, and then watch the TV shows I've missed recently. Cya!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 311

Last Nights Caper
If I could remember, I'd tell you - I think I just fangirled over the new MH4U trailer that came out lol.

Day 311

Soleil was right near my house as usual, but she didn't have anything that needed doing, instead I went over to Rosie's house to see if she needed anything. She wanted me to get her some furniture, but there was nothing in Main Street, or Re-Tail, or even in m storage that would go with her house, so I didn't end up giving her anything. Sorry, Rosie.

Once I had finished up with Rosie, I went around asking my villagers if they needed anything, but of course, none of them needed anything... Though Frita had just done some spring cleaning and handed me a regal chair. I plan on mailing it to Bree, providing she hasn't already got one in her house.

After getting a freebie from Frita, Skyfall's resident finally started handing out requests. Firstly, though not really a request, Tia asked me if I would like to buy her regal lamp. Not wanting to hurt our friendship, I bought it off her, but I attached it to a letter and send it back right away just so she doesn't lose the item from her house.

Once doe with Tia, Chops wanted me to deliver her a gift as he was too shy to do it himself (though I don't know why, he was in Tia's view the whole time). I took the gift from Chops and moved on over to Tia, who gave me a lychee for my time.

This morning, I came across a post on my dashboard, which explained the net creeping glitch. I did try to do this the other day, but I wasn't sure on how to do it, so I was never able to complete it. Though as I came across the post, I tested it out and was able to get on top of the police station, and the bell tower. I might try to get on top of other things another day.

Unrelated News
I'd love to write some more here but I'm feeling really tired and I just wanna sleep. Cya!