Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 458 & 459

Disclaimer: There's a blogging schedule update at the end of this post, so you might want to check that out.

Day 458

I didn't end up playing 'til late today since I'd been busy all day, saying goodbye to my friend at the airport. By the time I got home it was late in Skyfall, but I kinda like how it looks, I never play at night much, and this evening color scheme going on looked really pretty.
In awe of the night, Julian wanted me to get him a new piece of furniture, however all furniture that goes with his house that I've obtained so far has been mailed to him, so I didn't have anything for him.

Leaving Julian behind, I went to visit his neighbor, Beau, who had a package he wanted me to deliver to Rosie. I took the package off his hands and trecked it over to Rosie's house and handed her the gift. Of course, Rosie decided to be a pain and only give me a reward if I guessed the contents of the package correctly. I guessed clothing, but it turned out to be furniture, so I received nothing.

The afternoon turnip prices were going for a decent 174 bells, which makes me wonder what the AM prices were. These have been the highest prices we've had in Skyfall for a while, so I'm wondering if they'll get any higher.

And to end the day, Bree told me she planned on leaving Skyfall. I wasn't ready to have Bree and Ricky break up, so I told her to stay, and she changed her mind about leaving. Now she'll stay in Skyfall a little longer, and I've got to keep my eyes and ears open to find out who plans on moving next.

Day 459

Once I  began walking I soon stumbled across Saharah, who was hanging by the lighthouse. As always, I spoke to her, and accepted her 3,000 bell offer in exchange for a makeover. We went back towards my house, and I waited outside whilst she worked her magic. I managed to receive an imperial wall and an autumn floor, but only the floor is an exclusive.

I switched out my old flooring and wallpaper with the new ones, and went to take my new ones to my storage. Once I left my drawers, I got an alert that Rosie had decided to stop by my house, which is always a nice surprise. She stayed in my house for a long time, so instead of having her leave on her own, I made my way out and she followed behind.

Something that I forgot to mention yesterday, was that the hibiscus had stopped blooming, and instead had been taken over by the sweet olives. Not sure if I've said this before, but the sweet olives are probably my least favorite bush start (and yet they're the most prominent in Skyfall lol), but I'm able to tolerate them. I'm more excited for the holly shoots to start flowering though.

Turnips were still going strong (at least in the afternoon), at 194 bells apiece. Given yesterday's PM prices and today's, I'm wondering now if this will be an increasing week... I guess I've gotta keep an eye on the market, but it'll be hard to pick trends, since I'll probably only check for one price a day, instead of the two.

And to end my day, Ricky had a package he wanted me to deliver to Beardo. I happily took the package from him and searched for Beardo. I found Beardo easily and handed him the package, only to find he'd already ordered a replacement, and sold the package back to me for a cheap 99 bells. The package contained a watermelon shirt, which I didn't like, so I sold it off.

Unrelated News/Updated Blogging Schedule
I know I've said in that past that I'll blog until the end of the year, but in the recent weeks I've honestly lost interest in AC, I really don't know what happened, but slowly I've just lost interest, and it's coming to the point where I really don't wanna play anymore, I've even had to set my in game clock back a couple of hours so it's still day time in-game and everything is open when in reality i'm playing late at night. So because of this I think from now I'll blog every second day (2 daily posts per blog post) and continue through to 500 days (which will be the day after my birthday, October 28th). I really wanted to go through to the end of the year, but I don't think I can. Maybe something will happen and I'll enjoy AC again, but right now, I don't think that will happen. Anyway, not sure why I made a big deal about this, just thought ya'll should know. I've appreciated all your support and encouragement for my blog, whether you've been reading from Day #1, or only started reading a few weeks ago, I appreciate it all. I might come back to blog every now and then to post about events and stuff, but I'm not sure. That said, I do want to blog winter again (and possibly the cherry blossoms), so once the snow hits, I might start doing a once a week "Skyfall Catch-up" sort of thing where I mash a weeks gameplay into a short post (or might even start doing that as soon as I stop second-daily blogging), but I'm still undecided. I might also start visiting Dream Addresses more often and blog about them every now and then. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do, but for now, I'm going to stop blogging on Day #500. Also don't forget I'll still be doing game reviews in the future so make sure to keep checking back (or follow me on Tumblr/Twitter if you haven't to get updates when I'm about to review a game), and I also plan on posting Nintendo-related news here, so keep checking back! Cya!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 456 & 457

Day 456

Really nothing much happened today which is why I merged this in with day 457... I felt it was kind of pointless to make a post highlighting 2 things, especially since it was late and I didn't really feel like blogging. 
Today was Ricky's birthday, so I stopped by his house to give him my best wishes. I had a perfect cherry in my pockets, so I decided to give him that as his birthday gift instead of the usual ore of the day I find. Ricky also had Bree over as his only guest, so I'm assuming their relationship is still going strong.

Other than that, the only other thing I did was hit up Main Street for some medicine, and deliver it to Rosie to get her health back on track.

Day 457

Hallelujah the rain was back! I know I saw it every time, but I just love the rain so much. It makes the days more peaceful and overall more enjoyable. A weird thing happened today, I thought at first it might be a glitch, but as I stopped to think about it, I don't think it was a glitch. Basically, when I walked into Rosie's house to see how she was, she was sleeping, and when I spoke to her she just stood up and spoke to thin air, instead of talking to me. I thought this was a glitch, but since she was sleeping, I'm gonna assume it's a kind of 'sleep walking' feature that happens sometimes when talking to sleeping neighbors, which is pretty cool.

After waking to sleepwalker, or glitching the game, whatever it was, I spoke to Rosie again, and she thanked me for helping her overcome her clod. For helping her out, she gave me her pic!

The bulletin board informed me of the bug off thing coming Saturday. For some reason I thought this was the final bug off for the year, but I don't think the fishing tourney starts until November/December lol. Either way, I'm almost certain there's more to come, which is good, because I enjoy the bug off a lot more than the fishing tourney.

Over at the plaza we had two people in town today, the first being Redd. As always, I walked in to browse his artworks, and of course, he didn't have the final artwork that I needed. I bought out the real artwork anyway, hopefully it'll come in handy with getting me the piece I need.

Fake - it has one child

Fake - both hands are on the hips

Real - there is no fake

Fake - he's holding a UFO

And of course, the other person in town (is it right to call them a person? Like they are an animal but calling them an animal seems weird...), was a camper, being Monty. I've never really liked how any of the monkey villagers look tbh, so I didn't ask him to move in.

Of course, Tia wanted a piece of fruit, but I didn't have and foreign perfect fruit on me (I really should work on getting some more...), but I simply went over to my perfect cherry trees and grabbed one of those for her. I handed it to her and she gave me a lovely trash bin as a reward (lol).

Just as I was about to head off for the day Benjamin offered to play a game of hide and seek with me. I didn't have anything better to do with my time so I took him up on his offer, and he gathered at the plaza alongside Rosie and Julian. I was given 10 minutes to find them all, which I managed to do, winning myself a chocolate fountain.

Unrelated News
Well you've gotta admit, Sunday's post was incredibly boring LOL. I'm happy I decided to merge the two because it's better than wasting my time, as well as people who read my blog, by reading something pointless, so yeah. Now I've just gotta find out who's planning on moving,,, It's been a few days since Beau asked, and no one else has asked since... Hopefully someone will ping either tomorrow or Wednesday and I can stop stressing. Now time to watch Pokemon or something. Cya!

The morning price for turnips