Saturday, 19 April 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 308

Last Nights Caper
I had to sleep early for my big day ahead.

Day 308

I didn't get home until late, and I didn't even start playing 'til later, I think it wasn't until around 8pm that I actually got time to play. But a later start didn't stop me from getting a good amount of gameplay in, I even managed to get a few streetpasses today, so I'll show them later in this post.

I guess both Ricky and Soleil felt sorry for me that I was busy for the entire day, that they wanted to give me some freebies. Both of them handed over a free piece of clothing; Soleil giving a chichi-print tee and Ricky handing over an eight-ball tee.

After speaking to those two I cam across Bree and she told me she wanted me to find her a new piece of furniture for her house. Bree is rather posh so I wanted to get her something that would match her already existing theme, which is regal. I went to the Nooklings, but they only had a minimalist sofa, which I didn't want to buy. But then I saw a genie lamp,which I thought had a nice charm, so I bought taht for her, and received a blue dresser in return.

There were two announcements on the bulletin board today. One being tomorrow upcoming event, Bunny Day, and the next upcoming event on the 26th, Weeding Day. I'm actually excited for both of them, they look really fun and I'm looking forward to celebrating them!

To the left of the bulletin board is the campsite, which was empty. Though just south of the campsite was a new house plot, which has put me into a little dilemma. The new plot belongs to Hazel, who is essentially Ricky's female counterpart... I'm not sure if I should keep her or not. She is really cute, but if I do decide to keep her, Rickywill have to decide between her AND Bree, and I don't think I'm ready for that drama. Additionally it will mean that Skyfall would then have five permanent residents (Tia, Rosie, Bree, Ricky), and possibly six if Julian ever returns... I guess she wont ask to move for a while though, and I wont have her move out until I get her pic, so I've got a while to make up my mind.

Since the police station was rather close I dropped by there to see if there were any special visitors in town to save me the trouble of looking around town myself. Booker told me that Saharah was in town, and I set out to find her.

Not long after leaving the police station I found Saharah, and did the usual routine - I took her to my house, gave her 3,000 bells, and waited for her to do her thing. The make over this time was a little weird, as I got a palace tile and a sporty wall, which really don't go that well together, but at least the wallpaper is an exclusive (at least I think it is).

Now that that's out of the way, I had time to go back up to Main Street and check out the streetpasses I obtained today. I believe I got 6 streetpasses in total, 5 of those ended up having ACNL, which is nice as that means my plaza will be getting filled up (very slowly LOL). I should probably take it more places to get some more streetpasses (if anyone remember from before I started blogging about AC, I blogged about the vivid light festival, where I got a good 20 or so streetpasses, that's coming up in June I believe so I might go there to get some more).
I went to all the new peoples houses which were kinda of plain, but some of them did have some nice rooms, which I will put below;

Unrelated News
Well, tomorrow is Easter, and as I have family here already, there is going to be more than usual... I'm not sure if I'll get a change to play in the day time, so I might have to play in the evening like I did today, but either way, I'll try my best to play, and hopefully the Bunny Day event is enjoyable. Cya!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 307

Last Nights Caper
I was tired from a busy day, so I went to sleep early.

Day 307

I started off the day by going to visit Rosie, who wanted me to bring Bree over. I left her house and went to track down Bree, who wasn't too hard to find. Once I had found her, I spoke to her and told her Rosie wanted to see her. I took her over to Rosie's house, and she had a gift for Bree. For taking Bree to her house, Rosie gave me a mobile.

On the way to find Bree, I actually came across a lost item, which I picked up and began to look for the owner. It took me a little while to find the owner, since most my villagers were scattered all around town. I soon came across Tia, who it belonged to, and she gave me a mango as a thanks.

When I had done that, Ricky pinged me, and out of the kindness of his heart, he gave me a spring tee. Though my SD card got full right after I took the first photo, so I was unable to take photos of the rest of the conversation. 

I cleared out my SD card but it still wouldn't let me take pictures (it's happened before, I've just gotta wait a little while), but nothing exciting happened after I cleared it out.

Unrelated News
Boring day today. I've actually got to go somewhere tomorrow, but I'm not sure when I'm going, and it's gonna be a whole day thing so I'm not sure when I'll get time to play, but I'll try play in the morning before I go. If not, I'll just play when I get back. But if tomorrows post seems late, that's why. Cya!